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While Camp-Iowa provides information about campgrounds in Iowa and connects you as a community, you are the catalysts who will bring the site to life and sustain it! By submitting photos of your outdoor adventures, you can share your experience with the community and give everyone a visual representation of the campgrounds contained on the site. Your photo could be the reason someone chooses to visit your favorite campground!


Every photo will be personally reviewed to ensure the content is appropriate. To submit your photo(s), using the below format, please send an e-mail to


Subject: Campground Photo(s)


County: Pottawattamie

Name of Campground: Botna Bend

Title for Picture: Bison at Botna Bend

How You Would Like to be Listed: Robin S.


You will be credited as indicated in the body of your email. We will honor any wishes to remain anonymous; it would be helpful, however, if you could provide the name of the campground and the county in which it is located to ensure the picture is placed correctly on the site.


Camp-Iowa will not be securing releases for pictures containing individuals.  By submitting photo(s), the contributor guarantees that s/he has the authority to submit said photos.