Why Advertise?

Camp-Iowa is a free resource and community for people who camp in Iowa.  To ensure it remains free, it is necessary to secure advertising.  Advertising dollars pay for web development, hosting, functionality, and marketing.


RV ownership has reached a new peak, with 8.5% of households owning an RV.  According to the 2015 census, Iowa had 1,247,249 households - or 106,016 RV owning households.  The largest segment of RV owners is 35 - 54 years of age and has an average annual income of $62,000, with 28% making more than $100,000.  More than ever, lifestyle trends make owning an RV appealing. RV owners overwhelmingly say their RVs make it easier to take more frequent weekend getaways or mini-vacations that accommodate busy family schedules.  On average, campers get out 4 times a year and stay within 50-150 miles of their home.  Eighty (80%) percent of campers use technology while camping.


Who are potential advertisers?  We, people who camp, spend our money on:


  • Gas - HUGE - and while Dad is filling up the RV or truck, Mom and the kids are inside buying pop, candy, chips, and souvenirs
  • Things we forgot - cooking essentials, clothes, hygiene products, first-aid products, you name it - the list is endless
  • Things we don't need - basically all the things we buy when we're at home that we don't need - but hey!, I got it at . . .  Unique little shops are the best!!!
  • Eating out - of course we brought everything we need to cook, but we don't feel like it and that little diner in town looks like it has great food!
  • Entertainment - we HAVE to visit the local attractions (no matter what) and what do you do with the kids when it's raining outside - you go bowling or to a movie or any other indoor activity
  • Emergency room visits - what do you mean you got a fish hook stuck in your thigh and OMG!, your bike chain did THAT to your calf (yes, both of these things have happened to us)
  • Repairs - if it has tires, it's gonna break down from time to time
  • Wineries/Breweries - this is what adult camping groups do - a lot


Conservatively, campers will spend $100 during a camping weekend - on the above items.  Camping is a $40,000,000 a year industry in Iowa - not including campers or site rental fees!  And 80% of us will use technology to find what we are looking for.


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to reach a $40,000,000 a year industry, send an email to: robin@camp-iowa.com.